Investing in the Robertson County Workforce

As the need arises for quality employees in all job sectors and industries, workforce development is a top priority for the Chamber. The Chamber Board of Directors along with the Robertson County Economic Development Board and the Robertson County School System are collaborating on an aggressive program of work to strengthen the workforce in our community—giving all businesses the opportunity to thrive.

Building Work-Ready Graduates

Starting in 8th grade, the Program of Work invests in Robertson County students, preparing them for success in their future careers. From science assessments to job shadowing to job fairs, students are equipped with the tools and skills they need to choose a career path and enter the workforce prepared to succeed.

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Program of Work Goals

Become A Designated Work Ready Community

ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC) empowers communities and states with process, data and tools deployed in a common workforce development framework to drive economic growth by certifying communities as “work ready” when established goals are attained.

Work Ready Graduate Program

Robertson County Schools, Robertson Education Initiative, Robertson County Economic Development Board and the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce have assembled a committee to create standards that align with the Work Ready Community program which can be implemented in a classroom setting. This is not a goal education can achieve on their own. This goal will take a public private investment of time and resources.

Work Based Learning Program/ Industry Specific Internships

Robertson County Schools offer students the opportunity to work with the district’s employer partners. The students’ job placement is based on one of the district’s 30 Programs of Study in Career and Technical Education. Students will work during part of the school day and in some cases earn money, but more importantly students will gain real-time skills and on-the-job training to help jumpstart their careers.

Celebrate Work Ready Graduates

Historically, students who graduate with scholarships, both academically and athletically, are celebrated with special ceremonies and their accolades are acknowledged at graduation. We want to host special ceremonies to celebrate students who will be graduating with a career already secured. Success looks different for every student and we think that they are all reasons to celebrate.

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