Looking Back: Establishing the Chamber

The Robertson County Chamber of Commerce has a rich history and traces its roots to 1938 when a group of businessmen formed an organization to promote retail business in the Springfield community.

For the first 75 years, the Chamber was mostly run by volunteers until a traditional chamber model took hold. This model had active members of the business community gathering to work on economic issues, facilitated by an executive director and a small staff.

Board of Directors

Once the Chamber started operating on a traditional model, the membership elected a board of directors and formed committees and task forces. Businesses encouraged employees to volunteer for Chamber projects, chairing committees and forming teams to fulfill initiatives.

Chambers across the country scrambled to evolve and Chamber staff began to develop specialized skills. In Robertson County, the Chamber sought new sources of membership investment, increasing staff to handle tasks that were formerly completed by volunteers.

Today, the Robertson County Chamber staff manages and executes programs of work in the areas of membership services, special events, workforce development, Leadership training and serves as the primary communication agency for Robertson County.

A Strong Foundation for the Future

As our community continues to grow, the Chamber still relies on volunteer leadership with our board of directors and officers setting the agenda for Chamber projects and initiatives. Our engaged and active board members drive strategic growth and prosperity in our county.  


The Chamber also has active participation from ex-officio leadership, the Robertson County Mayor, the Springfield City Manager, and the Chair of the Robertson County Economic Development Board. Having these leaders engaged as voting board members ensures that local government’s needs are heard and the Chamber’s work aligns with their priorities. 


After more than 80 years serving the businesses and residents of Robertson County, we know that our Chamber must continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our community. E-commerce, political change, workforce scarcity, and booming regional population growth present new challenges that will require fresh approaches.

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