Inaugural Elected Official Leadership Academy

Oct. 10, 2023


Jordan Osborne – 615-384-3800



Springfield, TN – Last week, the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce successfully launched its inaugural Robertson County Elected Official Leadership Class—an enriching three-day experience filled with insights and engagement. Spearheaded by Chamber President Jordan Osborne, this initiative emanated from one of the key goals set by the Chamber Board of Directors: to fortify strategic partnerships.

The dynamic class delved into a spectrum of crucial topics, ranging from education and healthcare to industry, agriculture, history, and tourism.  “I am incredibly thankful for the elected officials who took time out of their schedules to participate in this program. The Chamber’s mission is to engage and inform, and I believe we accomplished that over the course of the 3-day leadership class.”

Inaugural class members present included Kirt Brinkley, Billy Ray Dorris, Martin Morgan, Jeremiah Pierce, Jonathan Rummel, John Senft, & Faye Stubblefield.  The in-depth dive in these local topics were well received by the participants, and many said that they wished that more officials could have participated.

One attendee’s takeaway resonated profoundly — the realization of the untapped potential nestled within our county and a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving our rich agricultural heritage. In his words, “This experience offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the issues we vote on, witnessing firsthand the impact of our votes across every sector.”

Below is a breakdown of each topic and what this leadership class was able to experience:

Education Exploration:

Under the guidance of Interim Robertson County School Board Director Melanie Dickerson, the class embarked on an inside view of Robertson County Schools. Visits to Bransford Elementary, Greenbrier Elementary, Innovation Academy of Robertson County, and the CTE classrooms at Springfield High School were complemented by a tour of the Book Bus. Lunch provided was prepared by the Springfield High Culinary Arts Department.

Healthcare Highlights:

TriStar NorthCrest CEO Sean Patterson spearheaded the healthcare segment, providing a comprehensive overview of the medical center’s past, present, and future. The class gained invaluable insights during a behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital. The healthcare agenda concluded with a presentation from Robertson County Emergency Services Director Brent Dyer, offering a hands-on experience of the

Industry Insights:

Day two kicked off with a riveting industry panel featuring Vonda Gates from the Robertson County Economic Development Committee, Lyndi Berrones from the Tennessee Economic & Community Development Committee, and Nick Cunningham from the Tennessee Valley Authority in Economic Development. A tour of Electrolux punctuated the day, offering a firsthand glimpse into the profound impact of industry on Robertson County.

Agriculture Appreciation:

Transitioning into agriculture, the class explored the University of Tennessee Agricultural Research Center and visited notable farms, including the Jepson Family Farm, the Bernard Family Farm, and South Central Growers. The theme centered around modern farming practices, growth opportunities, and agricultural diversification.

History and Tourism Exploration:

Day three began with insights and a tourism overview from Robertson County Economic Development Board Assistant Director Sarah Warren, followed by a captivating history tour of Robertson County narrated by historian Yolanda Reid. The class journeyed through Springfield, Greenbrier, Ridgetop, White House, Cross Plains, Cedar Hill, and Adams. A stop at Shade Tree Farm highlighted the thriving agritourism scene in the county.

The day concluded with the class attending the play “Smoke, A Ballad of the Night Riders,” presented by Community Spirit at The Bell School Community Complex in Adams.


Since 1938, the Chamber of Commerce has served as a way for local entrepreneurs and visionaries to promote retail business in the Springfield community. Our primary focus is the development of member businesses and the business environment of the communities we serve.  Our mission is to provide an environment where businesses and residents grow in economic prosperity while enjoying a vibrant community and valuing Robertson County’s way of life.

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