REdI Education Foundation


REdI Education Foundation


The mission of the REdI Education Foundation is to impact the educational culture in Robertson County.  The REdI Education Foundation will work to impact the literacy readiness of children before entering Kindergaretn and help to improve post-secondary participation and preparation to establish a community of employees that is sought after by business and industry bringing economic growth to Robertson County.


Board of Directors

Karen Shoemaker, Credit Union of Robertson County

Chiquita Allen, Bath Fitter

Dr. Chris Causey, Robertson County Schools

Jordan Osborne, Robertson County Chamber

Roger Dorris, Reliant Bank

Danielle Frazier, Robertson County Schools

Kendra Shelton, County Trustee

Carolyn Perry, Robertson County Schools

Willie Dorman, Sawmarks Constructions

Billy Paul Carneal, Former Springfield Mayor

Lisa Duncan, Parent Center RCSchools




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