REdI Education Foundation

For many years the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce provided an avenue for community leaders interested in education to volunteer to make a difference by serving on its Education Committee. Business leaders have worked on education projects ranging from Adopt-A-School in the early 1980s to actively working in 2009 to locate a higher education facility in Springfield for the benefit of Robertson County citizens.

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Kathy Gunn

Executive Director 

REdI Education Foundation
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The Chamber's Education Committee served as the incubator for the Robertson County Education Initiative. In 2010, REdI launched and is now an active and unique partnership between the business community and local schools to challenge and support local public education. By challenging school leadership to continue to set high standards and then supporting those efforts, REdI hopes to impact change in our community resulting in increased graduation rates, improved test scores and higher rates of post-secondary education. In addition, REdI will initiate and sustain an ongoing relationship between business and educators about workforce needs and the resources required to meet those needs.

The Chamber of Commerce supports REdI and believes it is imperative to promote broad-based community support for and investment in public education to improve the economic development climate of Robertson County.  When business and industry see the school system as a draw, more opportunities for growth and employment at all levels will come to Robertson County.  REdI operates under the direction of a volunteer board of directors and director, Kathy Gunn.