A little bit of Christmas for everyone...

Another Thanksgiving holiday is a wrap and the Christmas shopping season has officially begun.  We will see in January and February how our #ShopLocal efforts have panned out when we see the sales tax collections for the months of November and December.  Just from anecdotal evidence and personal observations, it does seem like folks are getting the message and being intentional about shopping with local merchants and small businesses, From one end of Robertson County to the other, Friday and Saturday looked like busy days for both our big box stores and our retail boutiques.

As November comes to a close and the reality sinks in that Christmas is just a few weeks away, the Chamber would like to lift up the efforts of some of our member organizations and others around Robertson County to make sure that everyone enjoys a little Christmas joy this year.

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Being Thankful for Our Small Businesses

This week is Thanksgiving and here in Robertson County we have much to be thankful for.  The beautiful landscapes, our small towns full of character, friends, family and neighbors that pull together in times of need, and an economy that is robust and prosperous. Robertson County continues to be a place of opportunity, both for our lifelong residents and for the newcomers who have joined us to share in the quality of life and sense of place that we enjoy here.

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Christmas Begins in Robertson County

It is a long standing tradition here at the Robertson County Chamber that our annual Christmas festival and parade are held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  And while we certainly don't want to lessen the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday and all that it means, we are just a little bit proud that in middle Tennessee, Springfield is definitely Santa's first stop! Christmas on the Square will take place on Saturday, November 19, beginning at 10 am on the historic Court House Square in Springfield and the annual Christmas parade will begin at 2 pm. This year's festival is sponsored by Springfield Children's Clinic and our parade sponsor is Christmas Done Bright!

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Moving Past Election Day

If you haven't already early voted, I hope you are planning to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8. Our right to vote is one of our most precious, and it should never be taken for granted. This right did not come easily, it was won for us by the sacrifices of patriots from the Revolutionary War to the activists who passed the 15th Amendment in 1870 and finally by the Suffragettes who fought for the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920.

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