What Can the Chamber Do for Me in 2018?

It's another new year. Resolutions are being made and abandoned faster than the temperature is dropping. Everyone starts the year with the best of  intentions and promises to be intentional about taking steps to achieve new goals. 2017 was a good year for most Robertson County businesses, and 2018 promises to offer new and growing opportunities. 

Here at the Chamber we are more than thankful for the 550+ members who have given us a chance to be a part of their success in the past decade.  We enjoy being a resource and a partner with your business or organization and we love it when our members are actively engaged in our programs and initiatives. But the reality is that there are hundreds of businesses in our county that have not seen the benefit of being a Chamber member...and there are many who have joined but never really taken advantage  of all we have to offer. 

As the new year takes off, our staff has set a goal of making sure every new member is fully aware of the many benefits and opportunities that come with their membership...and for those who are members but haven't become engaged, we are coming for you! We want to make sure you are taking advantage of the tools we can offer to assist in your success. 

So if you're a Robertson County Chamber member or are thinking about becoming one,  here's a few things that the Chamber  is doing to assist your business growth in ways that you may not have considered:

1. We Work to Make Sure the State and Local Business Climates Are Ideal for Business

Many of us assume that all politicians would be pro-business because business is good for the entire economy, but that’s simply not true. Your needs must be represented at the state and local level. If they aren’t, legislative issues that are bad for business could affect your ability to grow your operations down the line. We work with other local Chambers as well as our state Chamber to advocate for a business friendly environment. And we monitor city, county and school board meetings regularly to stay up to date on the matters that most directly affect our members. We have cultivated relationships with city, state and federal officials so that we can assist our members when issues arise. Follow us  on Twitter @RobCoAdvocate for real time news from local meetings and call us for help getting to the right person at the city or county when you need assistance. 

2. We Are Excellent Matchmakers

Everyone knows chambers throw networking events but what some people don’t realize is that we also can help introduce you to people you want to meet. For instance, if you know you need an accountant that has experience in your field, the chamber can often introduce you directly. We don’t charge a matchmaking fee or any sort of commission. Making connections is what we love to do! 

3. We Have an Attentive Audience

We have spent years cultivating our email newsletter audience and our social media outlets.  Our website is one of the most used resources when residents, newcomers and visitors are looking for information about our community. We are always happy to share news about our members, special deals, job openings and great events. Let us help you spread the word about your business or organization to our nearly 10,000 social media account followers or our more than 3,000 email newsletter recipients. 

4. We Can Help with Getting You the Employees You Need

Did you know that the Chamber will post your job openings? Through our exclusive WorkInRobertson.com job board we can spread the word about all of your open positions from part-time to professional. And we share those postings through our social media reach as well. And did you also know the Chamber is a reliable source for addressing workforce development concerns? As your future workforce needs change and grow, let us know so that we can be on the lookout for that type of employee or can work with those behind local training and recruitment to ensure you have the human resources you need. We are constantly working with our local school district as well as higher education and technical schools to bring training to our community that fits the needs of our own employers. 

These are just a few of the things that the Robertson County Chamber has to offer you and your business or organization in 2018. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and be sure to open that weekly newsletter this Wednesday. Visit our website at www.robertsonchamber.org or stop in and ask what's new this month. Make 2018 the year you take advantage of the best business resource in Robertson County....join the Chamber and USE your membership!